Life is not always what it seems
It is made up of our illusions, visions and dreams
Ideas lie hidden in simple, everyday things
All it takes is a little bit of imagination to give it wings.

With the above, I welcome you to 5 Minute Creative Breaks.

A community dedicated to rediscovering “the da vinci pause” – a critical yet natural method of discovering meaning and purpose to living, the surge of energy that makes the idea bulb glow!

The Da Vinci Pause according to Da Vinci’s latest biographer, the famous bestselling author Walter Isaacson is:

“What he was able to do is pause, and put things aside, and look at very ordinary things and marvel at them.”

This is what 5 Minute Creative Breaks are all about. Taking a break from whatever you are doing when the going gets dreary. Taking a “pause” and marveling at something which leads to a unique creation – a rough diamond.

5 Minute Creative Breaks are not about polished diamonds, they are the raw you – something that caught your eye, a fleeting thought, an idea. You express them immediately as:

  • A quick photo with your mobile of whatever that caught your eye
  • A doodle on any piece of paper
  • A short poem
  • A short write up of something that you are thinking about or an idea you have
  • Paper craft or origami
  • Any craft work using any medium
  • A tune you hum and record using the voice recorder on your mobile
  • A short piece of music composition that you instantly compose using a music app on your mobile or even a raw acoustic recording of your guitar, flute, any instrument, even your voice.
  • A drawing or a sketch
  • A small write up of  how you solved something or discovered something new – it could be any field you are working in.

These are the raw diamonds, the seeds of future possibilities. And also the “pause” that re-energises you.

Tag them #5minutecreativebreaks #davincipause #thepause and share them online.

This step takes courage as sharing your rough, uncut diamonds is about exposing yourself. Can you do it?